Hey! So I am a 23 year old registered nutritionist (ANutr), with a keen interest in science and I want to share with you some great recipes and interesting nutrition info! Food is something that connects us all and it is so important to enjoy what you eat, and have an appreciation of what you are  putting into your body. My aim is to give you recipes as well as some basic nutritional information (all backed up by proper scientific research) to help you have fun with food, while still eating healthily. I am not claiming to be an expert, but I am just going to do the research for you and save you a bit of time! Being aware of what your body needs and acting upon this can have vast impacts on mood, health as well as how tired we feel, and hence how we function in our daily lives.

Some say we live in an ‘obesogenic’ environment, meaning we live in a society that promotes obesity (not through the intention of anyone in particular) via the foods available, the prices associated with certain food types, advertisements, and the relatively sedentary lifestyles we lead. Around 10 000 years ago humans transitioned from the hunter gatherer lifestyle to a more stationary existence involving cultivating the land. Our genes and hence the way our body functions didn’t have enough time (you’d think 10 000 years would be long enough!) to evolve and hence adapt to the new way that we live. We are living in an obesogenic environment but with hunter gatherer like genes, and this is causing major problems in regards to our health.

Back to this blog (sorry I took a tangent) and what I want to show you. One important, VERY important, thing I have learnt is that THERE IS NO POINT IN DIETING. I learnt the hard way, but that’s for a later post. You have to decide that you are going to have a healthy life style. What you eat and how active you are should be a way of life and not something you stick to for a period of time until you get bored. Being healthy doesn’t mean restricting yourself, it just means making educated decisions on what you’re eating 90% of the time and treating yourself the other 10%! By restricting yourself you only crave less healthy foods more and what happens after you finish your diet…you inevitably go back to your old ways. I have to eat chocolate everyday haha…but having a small amount makes eating healthy the rest of the day easy! I want to show you that you can eat delicious food that is easy to prepare, as well as exercise a manageable amount and be Foodeliciouslyfit by doing so!


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